Agile Metrics Webinar

[ Doc Norton | Founder and CEO, CTO2 ]

30 May 2018

Online Webinar

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm IST



( Founder and CEO, CTO2 )

Michael Norton (Doc) is a software delivery professional working to make the world of software development a better place. His experience covers a wide range of development topics. Doc declares expertise in no single language or methodology and is immediately suspicious of anyone who declares such expertise.

A frequent and well rated international speaker, Doc is passionate about helping others become better developers, working with teams to improve delivery, and building great organisations.

Session Overview

"Escape Velocity" Velocity is one of the most common metrics used (and misused) on agile projects. Velocity is simply a measurement of speed in a given direction; the rate at which a team is delivering toward customer value. But Velocity alone is not a very useful metric. Is the team healthy? Is the team getting better? What is impeding their progress? Are they producing actual customer value? Will they get the work done by the deadline? Velocity fails to answer most of these questions and those it does answer, it answers poorly.

Learning Objective

  • What is 'Escape Velocity'?
  • Importance of using Velocity as a common metric in Agile
  • Impacts of using Velocity in teamwork
  • Tips and Tools to couple velocity in teams
  • Q & A session.

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