Being Agile vs. Doing Agile Webinar

[ Arie van Bennekum | Coauthor - Agile Manifesto and Thought Leader - Wemanity Group ]

26 April 2018

Online Webinar

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm IST



( Coauthor - Agile Manifesto and Thought Leader - Wemanity Group )

Arie van Bennekum is one of the original authors of the Agile Manifesto representing DSDM, and expert in the area of Agile Project Management, Team Facilitation, Agile Techniques and User Involvement. In his several presentations and lectures about Agility, he has emphasized preserving an all-round belief in the Teams, which helps them to reach their best potential towards delivering to the end users.

At present, as Wemanity's Thought Leader, Arie focuses his energy on leading big Agile Transformations for leading international corporates and researching better ways of integrating Agile. Arie is also Chair of the Agile Consortium International, lecturer at Universities and sought after Keynote Speaker at Conferences.

Session Overview

True Agile implementation offers 'paradigm shifts’ in organisations, teams and individuals. Most are unable to get past what Arie calls 'Mechanical Agile' (in his view i.e. doing just some rituals, but not shifting paradigms on for example documentation, leadership, reporting, multi disciplined teams and removing silos). His session explains key differences between 'Doing Agile' and 'Being Agile'. The outcome of this webinar is to focus on 'increasing awareness about what being Agile is all about'.

Learning Objective

  • Learn the differences between 'Being Agile' and 'Doing Agile'
  • Learn to decide on which approach suits your organization better
  • Familiarize yourself with Agile Values, Principles and Practices
  • Recognize the challenges and implications of Agility

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