Flow Game Workshop Meetup

[ Understand Flow Game Workshop, Importance and Benefits ]

09 June 2018

10:00 am - 12:00 pm




Flow is an operational state of organisation, where the team performs, work with greater focus, full engagement and enjoyment, and ensuring higher quality deliverables.

As benefits of it, you gain a Lean Organisation with

  • Better visibility of system
  • Simplified management of progress
  • Improved feedback mechanism

Flow Game is a very simple adoption of Lean ideas to exhibit Flow in a system. This game is an adaption of our earlier version of Kanban Post Card game. The session starts with an overview of Flow concepts followed by ideate, design and construction activities through build a Flow based system through a few minutes of play, and the later part is about exhibiting the key constructs of a Flow system and achieving a Lean Organisation with Flow. (This session may or may not include the Postcard metaphor for activity).

Learning Objective

  • Learn about Flow and its benefits
  • Learn a new game based on the concept of Flow
  • Experience the basic construct of a lean system.

Want to Participate?

You can reach us to book in-house class