Lean Agile Performance Management in Action Workshop

[ Thriveni Shetty | Consultant - HR Practice ]

26 May 2017

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM IST




( Consultant - HR Practice )

Thriveni Shetty is currently leading the HR Practice at INNOVATION ROOTS. She has overall 8+ years of experience in field of HR. At INNOVATION ROOTS, she keeps the work environment hale and healthy. She is also responsible for implementing & streamlining the HR Process, including Talent Management, Learning and Development, Compensation and Employee Relations. She is working towards developing an in-depth knowledge on Agile and aspires to implement Agile Principles in HR.

Session Overview

We are glad to announce Thriveni Shetty (HR Consultant at INNOVATION ROOTS) as a Presenter for the Lean Agile Performance Management in Action workshop, which is going to be held on 26th May 2017 as a part of the Agile Gurugram 2017 conference conducted at Gurugram, NCR.

In this session, Thriveni gives you a brief explanation on how the performance management can be evaluated in a Lean-Agile way of working. How the Organisational goals are aligned to individual's goal and what are the parameters to evaluate an individual's performance in a team, and the organisation as a whole. This is an experience sharing session, where the presenter will be sharing her experience on how Lean-Agile Performance Management was implemented at INNOVATION ROOTS, what were the challenges faced and how did they overcome.

Learning Objective

  • Introduction to Lean-Agile concepts
  • How is Lean-Agile Performance management is different from Traditional Performance Management ?
  • Lean-Agile Performance Management in Action at INNOROO
  • Q & A Session.

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