Lean Kanban India 2015 Conference

11 - 12 December 2015

2 Day Conference



Lean Kanban India 2015 is part of the global Lean Kanban conference series, which is known for its pragmatic and actionable guidance one can utilize to improve their knowledge and service work. Lean Kanban 2015 is the second edition of the conference organized and sponsored in India by INNOVATION ROOTS, Digite, Temenos + Agility, AgiVetta Consulting, Tyto Software, iZenBridge and BSPIN.

The conference features some of the revolutionary strategies and concepts in Kanban methodology, which are drawn from the real-time experience of some of the researchers, experts and business leaders across various industries. The keynote sessions and workshops featured in this conference are based on the 3 themes- Foundation Kanban, Scaling Lean and Kanban, and DevOps and Continuous Delivery, which helps the practitioners of different levels of management and domain attain the skills and techniques required to improve software development.

At the conference, you will get the opportunity to connect with some of the international business delegates, practitioners, and ideologists in Kanban method. This conference is appropriate for Students, Executives, Project Managers, HRs, Process Managers, Team Leads, Managers and Department Heads.

Register for this conference to learn the practical techniques and tips in Kanban method, and how organizations are using Kanban to attain Continuous Delivery in their work flow system.

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