Visual Thinking Webinar

[ Lynne Cazaly | Speaker, Author and Mentor ]

19 September 2018

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm IST

Online Webinar



Lynne Cazaly

(Speaker, Author and Mentor)

Lynne Cazaly is an international speaker who is engaging, inspiring, creative and captivating. As a thought leader in agile cultures, sensemaking, innovation and change, she presents on topics relevant to leaders who need to get the best out of their teams and boost performance. Her sessions are interactive, practical, inspiring, humorous and entertaining.

Lynne Cazaly brings a truly individual and unique element of live digital visuals to her presentations. Often live scribing on her iPad, she presents hand crafted visual slides, many created in the moment, and shares frank insights that hit home and give leaders immediate takeaways for action.

Session Overview

Whatever your role is in your business or organisation, communication is a must. And the responsibility for communication rests with you, the communicator.

If people don't understand your idea, your proposal or your thinking, they simply won't listen.

  • How do you capture attention in a world full of noise?
  • How do you influence with impact in limited time?
  • How do you engage the team on a new problem, challenge or project?

The field of visual thinking has experienced a boom in recent years with more industries tapping these creative, inspiring and practical skills to

  • Sell ideas
  • Engage with customers and users
  • Problem solve
  • Resolve conflict

If you don't have what I call 'visual agility' - that is, the ability to step up and sketch an idea, capture the discussion from colleagues or communicate during a presentation - you're falling behind the curve. This is not about pretty art, or coloured pictures. It's not about templates or icons either.

It's a sharp, clever, creative and ingenious session to build your abilities to think better, connect more effectively, solve problems and share the message throughout your business, team, project or sector. Don't leave the communication aspects of your thinking and messaging to the marketing team or to an outside agency!

Get on the front foot and learn these skills that have immediate and productive business application.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to communicate your ideas effectively
  • Tips to improve presentation skills
  • Learn how to capture audience attention at a speaking event
  • Learn the importance of communication in every business aspects
  • Q & A Session.

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