Training Services

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Kanban Basics

Overview of Kanban methods

Half-Day Course

kanban essentials

Kanban Essentials

Introduction to Kanban methods

1 Day Course

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Kanban Foundation

Hands on Kanban methods

2 Days Course

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Kanban Advanced

Expertise on Kanban methods

3 Days Course

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Kanban Bootcamp

Extensive Learning on Kanban methods

5 Days Course

Consulting Services

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Kanban Assessment

agile essentials

Kanban Coaching

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Kanban Launch

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Kanban Tune-up

Kanban Expert Interviews

Interview with Patrick Steyaert

October 30, 2017

Interview with Mike Burrows

July 01, 2017

Interview with David J Anderson

June 21, 2017

Personal Kanban Board

Game Kit

Personal Kanban Board

Want to be better organised?

Buy a portable Personal Personal Board for managing your backlog, Handcrafted by INNOVATION ROOTS.