Design Thinking in Action

[Creative and Analytical approach to meet user needs ]


Design Thinking as a process, consists of both the aspects of Creativity and Problem Solving. It is identified as the primary engine behind great leadership qualities of both Analysis and Action towards identifying user needs.

This two-day course focuses on Design Thinking principles and practices that aid and encourage the participants in innovative thinking and approaches. The participants will strengthen their Design Thinking and Design Management skills via hands-on creative workshops, interactive exercises, case studies, and lecture. They will also learn how to use and apply these capabilities and leverage them for both innovation and improved results.

2 Days (16 Hours)
9 AM to 6 PM ( 1 Hour break in between)
Design Thinking Expert
Batch Size
Maximum of 30
Participants Profile
Beginner or Intermediate
Course Delivery Language
Approach of Delivery
Mix of theory & workshop sessions (Classroom Training)
Certification Details
Attendies receive the Certificate of Completion for ‘Design Thinking in Action’ workshop
Accreditation Institute
Commercials & Logistics
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The Design Thinking approach is taught to participants via an interactive-exercises driven workshop. In the long run, they learn the ability to navigate through, and successfully solve organizational problems. It consists of

  • Overview to Design Thinking Framework
  • Design Thinking Flow
  • The 6 Thinking Phases:
    1. Empathize: Conducting research about users needs, tastes and feelings
    2. Define: Combine the research and identify the problems
    3. Ideate: Brainstorm ideas, predictions and possibilities in regards to the process
    4. Prototype: Build a tactile, visible representation of your subset of ideas
    5. Test: Process to obtain feedback from users
    6. Implement: Put the vision into application and effect

Learning Objective

  • Understand the fundamentals of Design Thinking
  • Apply Design Thinking to deliver innovative products and services
  • Create impact of business for a sustained period of time
  • Build a culture of design and ideation within organization
  • Gain the ability of Problem Solving and
  • Implement Design Thinking to various contexts


  • Product Owners and Product Managers
  • Architects, Designers, Coders and Testers
  • Marketing Managers, Strategy Innovators and Change Agents

Course Deliverables

  • Attendees will receive the Certificate of Completion on ‘Design Thinking in Action’
  • In person 2-day training full of learning and fun.

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